Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cartography again (last time, I swear!)

I spent a large amount of time this morning watching clips of The West Wing on YouTube. When I was in high school, The West Wing was probably my favourite show -- it was smart, political, funny, and dramatic, and never got bogged down in the melodrama of the characters' personal lives at the expense of the larger political action. If I had $200 to spare, I'd lay down money for the complete series box set any day.

One of my favourite early episodes focuses on "Big Block of Cheese Day", when the White House staff members listen to the concern of members of the public who usually don't get the ear of the White House. C.J. Cregg gets stuck with Cartographers for Social Equality, resulting in one my all time favourite scenes:

Nothing is where you think it is! This reminded me of the post I made yesteday on radical cartography and the visualization of social issues. Every once in a while, a weird academic issue like map projections makes it into pop culture. Enjoy!

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